Friday, January 16, 2015

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? MSNBC Is a Big Laughingstock

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It started with Chrissie Matthews having a man crush on 0bama.

Chrissie Matthews started slobbering publicly.

Chrissie started feeling tingles up his L'eggs, and came out of the closet with it.

An angry "Mr. Ed" started bucking like a horse to help Chrissie get his man love into the White House.
Matthews continued his honeymoon with his man love for a long period.
America started waking up, and got into Chrissie Matthews' head.

They found a micro Peanut size nugget powering the 0bamabot.

As Chrissie Matthews continued his gayness with 0bama, America dropped a bombshell message to 0bama, which fell on 0bama's big deaf ears. Chrissie suffered a bad case of indigestion that night.

With leftist hacks like these, is it really a surprise?
Chrissie's bed buddy Laurence 0'Donnell underwent a lobotomy to cure himself of moonbat syndrome. Sadly, the operation failed, and made things worse.

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