Monday, June 2, 2014

Neel Kashkari: Public RINO Number One?

Remember that June 3 2014 is primary day for California. And here is Neel Kashkari, running to become Governor Moonbeam's opponent in the November elections. Hey, I agree with a number of Kashkari's points, but sadly, "Kash & Kari" is an establishment candidate. Kashkari, says he's not a politician. WAIT A MINUTE! Kashkari worked under President Bush, which makes him a politician. Kashkari is right about the train to nowhere, yet He hasn't said how he plans to derail the plan.

You can bet that some of Moonbeam's supporters are funneling cold hard cash into "Kash & Kari"'s campaign, knowing that if Tim Donnelly gets nominated, Donnelly will give Moonbeam a political beating in the November elections. I'm standing behind Tim Donnelly.

UPDATE:  I will now back Kashkari after hearing what he had to say on Good Day LA in Los Angeles.  While I don't agree with him on some issues, I still see some hope for California if he wins.  He has shown he's at least fiscally conservative, but socially, he's somewhat liberal, but not as much as the kooks who run the supermajority in the state government.
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