Thursday, February 6, 2014

Lefties Suffer Massive Meltdown Over School Lunch Menu

Liberals have freaked out over an innocent oversight regarding a black history month lunch at an all girl Catholic High School in Concord California.  The girls at Carondelet High School along with the boys at De La Salle High School had planned a lunch consisting of Fried Chicken, Cornbread and Watermelon. The girls and boys planning the luncheon were members of the Black Student Unions at each high school. The teachers at both high schools missed a huge opportunity with this oversight: educating the youth about the stereotypes in history. The luncheon could have been used to teach the students about the culture and heritage of the Black Community. Instead, the moonbats threw a hissyfit, whining over what was being served for lunch. The moonbats played the PC card, saying that not all blacks eat fried chicken with cornbread and watermelon. Stupid moonbats need to learn to take an opportunity and use it to educate others. They've been listening too long to their media kooks from MSNBC & other leftard sites.
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