Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kentucky Democrat Assemblywoman Leslie Combs Fires Gun In Office

Accidents do happen, right? But when a Democrat who favors gun rights accidentally fires her gun in her office, the liberal gun grabbing feminazis try to throw her under the bus. Well MY DAISY DUKE!
Moms Demand Action really lost their cool on this one! The Kentucky Chapter has oinked out their demand for Leslie Comb's resignation because she accidentally fired her gun. HEY, THAT HAPPENS! Give her some slack! Combs had the integrity to take personal responsibility for accidentally firing her weapon when she tried to unload it. She came out, admitted to accidentally firing her weapon while someone else was sitting next to her, yet no one got injured. She made sure she never pointed the gun at anyone, and when she tried to unload it, she aimed the gun barrel towards the floor, so that no one would likely get hurt. One more word to the gun grabber feminazis Moms Demand Action: BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHAT YOU WISH FOR! If you oust Leslie Combs because you got your panties up in wads over this, and you get one of your gun grabbing libtards to replace this Democrat Assemblywoman, when some looney liberal left wing headhunter goes on a shooting spree at some public place, you might not have anyone to stop the violence. At least Leslie Combs has enough sense to support those who want to protect themselves from a crazed out headhunting liberal kook.