Friday, September 13, 2013

Jack Van Impe Attacks Pastor Rick Warren's Ministries with Misinformation from Media

I'm not posting this lightly, my readers.  It gives me no pleasure to post this, yet I believe this is important enough to take a stand.  First, let me say this is not meant to be an attack on Jack Van Impe ministries, nor an attack against Jack Van Impe and his wife Rexella.  First, they are believing Christians who mean well, and hard working preachers of the Christian message.  Yet, they have fallen into one of Satan's traps by jumping onto the bandwagon of preachers who have attacked others unintentionally by only seeing part of the truth about another's ministry.
Van Impe read an article from the Orange County Register on Rick Warren where Warren wanted to promote peace between Christians and Muslims.  Van Impe didn't bother to find out the details of what Warren had on his mind.
Hey Jack, remember that what one says may sound true until the other person sets the record straight.  It's true that Rick Warren wants to talk with the Muslims, but he is not out to promote Muslims.  He NEVER said their god is the same God of Christianity.  In fact, he has said their god is not the God of the Bible.  I have personally listened to what Rick Warren has said, and can attest to this.
Rick Warren has stated that he merely wants any Muslim who decides to come to Saddleback Church to know what Christianity is really about, and that once they know what the truth is, they will be able to decide for themselves what they want to do...will they become Christian converts or remain a Muslim? Now, did Jack Van Impe bother to try to call Rick Warren and discuss his concerns about him?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Van Impe tripped over his own ego.   Jack, you mean well, but prophets can have big blind spots.  You have cited many sources of what Rick Warren has allegedly done, but you never once made an effort to dialog with Rick Warren to find out what the real story is.  You have also declared some prophecies, but some haven't come as the way you said it would.  Be careful, Jack.  Nothing personal, but someone must keep you accountable.
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