Saturday, August 31, 2013

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? "Unholy Shiska-Bob! Stop The Embarassment!" Filner Resigns...will he make a comeback?

When Gloria Allred came on the scene, 19 women came out with the charges that Bob Filner fondled it, he probably did it.  Then the dead moonbat society yelled out "UNHOLY SHISHKA-BOB!  STOP THE EMBARASSMENT!" And of course, they threw Filner under the libtard bus, and drove off, wheels squealing like a dying pig in a slaughterhouse.

Bobby resigned like the typical liberal coward by having the city of San Diego pick up the legal tabs, stabbing the residents in the back with the huge legal bills from an obscene high cost lawsuit.

The question now remains:  will the liberal Bobby Filner make a political comeback in the future?  Will this old liberal hack come oozing back from the liberal slime pit and have a huge backing to steal someone's seat for the left wing extremists?

Get ready to plug your noses, my conservative friends!  Oh, and Bob Filner, if you're reading this blog, no hard feelings guy!  You just acted the way a typical left wing extremist would.

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