Thursday, May 2, 2013

Amerika In A Parallel Universe: The Mis Adventures Of Barry & Shelley Obama

Sometimes, I feel for the 0bamas.  I think just how clueless can they be?  Well, if there were a parallel universe with a nearly identical history, how would it look in that universe?  Let us speculate now:

First, would they still call Shelley 0bama Moochelle?  They probably would.  But in this case, they might have a second reason:  she would be eating like a hungry cow.  Now of course she's a person, not an herbivore.  So that's a manner of speech.  One thing I must mention:  she'll be pregnant with another kid on the way.

Shelley would be in the news quite often as a result of her having a kid coming along.  The media would be treating her the same way they do in our universe:  They'd be sappy and sugar coated.

 Shelley would be pregnant with a third child, and Barry, in his typical self serving way, would need to name his kid after him.  So, Barry and Shelley, like the attention lovers they are in our universe, would be choosing a name to pretend they are patriotic, yet a name to bear 0bama's image.

As 9 months go by, the baby arrives!  Now, this baby is so big, they decide they must hide him from the public as much as they can.

  As Sambo grows, he finally gets exposed to the public:

And just like this universe, the liberals blame Bush for everything, including Sambo being a spoiled big cry baby.

Barry and Shelley even lie to their kid, saying that Bush might be his real daddy, when they see he's a big spoiled brat.  Bush knows this, but takes the high road, and refuses to dish the 0bamas.  What the public starts suspecting is that 0's uncle stinky might be the daddy, and they demand the birth certificate for Sambo.
 But, of course, there's the other possibility that Barry's fraternal twin may have played a role in the other universe's fiasco.

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