Sunday, February 10, 2013

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Governor Moonbeam Farts Out a Challenge To Governor Rick Perry

 Governor Moonbeam has a serious case of gas and indigestion.  Recently, Texas Governor Rick Perry has run some ads aimed at luring California businesses over to Texas.  Perry pointed out that Texas has lower taxes and fewer business regulations than California.  Jerry had a sudden gas passing call out to Rick Perry, saying it's barely a fart when reporters asked him what he thought of Perry's challenge.
TOUCHY TOUCHY, GOVERNOR MOONBEAM!  May I suggest you take an Alka Seltzer tablet?  Perhaps a plop plop fizz fizz will give you some relief.  Oh, and bring it on Jerry!   We'll call the contest "From Moonbeam Jerry To Governor Rick Perry" and see who wins.
Here's your little booby prize Jerry:
It'll perhaps give you an edge in the farting contest; however, it might make it the stinkiest one you ever ripped.  It'll make your skin turn green, Jerry!

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