Monday, June 4, 2012

California Primary and Proposition 29

Normally, I don't write on how I plan to vote on many given propositions in California, but this is one where I will publicly take a stand:  Proposition 29 - the tax on smoking may seem like something that is loyal to most people, but it has an ugly political snake head rising out of it.

Now, I am not a smoker, and I don't advocate smoking.  It is not good for your health!  However, I have learned a thing or two over the years when one decides to appeal to allegedly good sides, that things go wrong.

Remember the California Lottery proposition in the mid to late 80s, Proposition 37...or 34?  The propaganda they used was that "The Schools Win Too!"  Guess what?  As soon as it passed, whatever funds that were marked for education before the proposition passed got shifted to something else, and then the lottery money went to education.  Did the schools get more money?  NO WAY!!

Take a guess at what will happen if Prop 29 passes:  The greedy and lazy union bosses will shift funds from noble things such as cancer research, and stuff their fat carcasses with the money, while any alleged taxes that the moonbats think they will generate will end up going up in smoke, and blow up in our faces.  And yet, these dumbasses shriek at the thought of cutting into their own rotten fat carcass of a bloated wasteful budget.

So bend over Sacramento, so that I could kick Prop 29's gonads goodbye!

And by the way, did Governor Moonbeam go out on National Doughnut Day and buy a huge stash of "D'oh nuts" for you dumbos?  Or did he just burn your lazy fat carcasses while you guys sat around sleeping on the job?
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