Friday, May 18, 2012

Have You Laughed At A Liberal Today? Chrissi Matthews: The Jeopardy Genius!!!!

Chris "Tinglefoot" Matthews is a real genius...UH UH UHH NOT!  For several years, he's been running his vile mouth off, saying that if Sarah Palin were to be on Celebrity Jeopardy, she would be the dumbest person ever to be on that show.  As you all saw, Chrissi-boi became a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy, competing with Lizzie O'Leary and Bobby Gibbs.

Hey Chrissi:  What's it like being Miss O'Leary's fat cow?  Did you like eating Moose Turd Pie on Jeopardy?  

Hey, even Anderson Cooper put you as the champ on his RIDICULIST!  

How did you ever lose to Boobyhead Gibbs?  Even he is smarter than you are?  OH MY!

Did you feel a thrill up your leg, Chrissi-boi?

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