Friday, April 1, 2011

How Did Jerry Brown Raise $$$ for his mansion?

How has Governor Moonbeam raised money for his "mansion" in the past? He has gone out on his RINO hunt again, looking for traitors to rob us again! Yet, he cannot find a single RINO, so now he's resorted to the name calling and blame casting game...What is it that Moonbeamer Jerry doesn't get into his bald thick head? Moonbeam's woman has also jumped into the mean streak by being a %*^(# around conservatives. It turns out that a number of Republican State Senators have gotten the witch's brew treatment from "Little Moonbeam Annie" for not wanting to increase taxes.

Word to Governor Moonbeam: You may have gotten away with raising taxes to pay for your mansion last time you were in the Governor's office; this time, we're not going to take it!

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