Friday, March 18, 2011

Crystal Cathedral Cracking God's Covenant?!

In this morning's paper (3/17/11), I just read an article that disturbs me to the core:  Reverend Dr. Robert H. Schuller has denounced a pro-traditional marriage covenant that his staff has asked the choir members to sign.  This covenant merely stated that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman.  Schuller rationalizes his denouncement by saying that he has a reputation of tolerating everything!

Uh, tolerating EVERYTHING?  REALLY?  You think God wants you to tolerate all things including evil?  Really, Dr. Schuller?  What are you thinking?  And why did you really kick your son Robert Anthony Schuller out of ministry?  Because he refused to be a daddy's puppet boy?  So you want "Daddy's Little 'Goil" to be a cookie cutter?

Sorry Doc,  but God has a higher standard:  His Scriptures!  What are you thinking, Reverend Schuller?  While it's true we should treat visitors well at our houses of worship, it's another thing to soften up doctrine and covenants to be seeker friendly.  
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