Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Dare You Felipe Calderon

How dare you come to the White House and hurl insults at us Felipe Calderon!  You insult our immigration laws, yet your immigration laws are more cruel and harsh than what we enforce!  You come to our Capitol as a guest, and you hurl nothing but insults at our border patrols, yet you have no balls to stop drug smuggling terrorists from invading your country and crossing over into ours!  You don't have any sack of beans to give you the courage to go against the drug cartels, do you?  Is the bribe money you get from the cartels the main reason why you let terrorists cross over into the United States through Arizona?  Please tell us why you allow terrorists to cross over the border!  Barf up the beans, el Presidente!  You're being poisoned by the corruption!
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