Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tossing the Legal Beanbags

Oh the Left wing extremists have shrieked racism again!  Now that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has signed the toughest illegal immigration bill into law, the moonbats have gone AWOL!  Well, let me post some of my tweets about this right here:

California Moonbats bark over Arizona's border crackdown! AWWW! DID GOV. BREWER WHUP YOUR WIDDLE FEEWINGS? :-( :-( :-P #obamafail

Illegal Mexican Aliens play the race card over Arizona Border Enforcement. OKAY, I'LL PLAY THE RACE CARD TOO: TOSS SACKS OF B&@\$ OVER !!

Now those who got shocked over my last remarks, good! Moonbats need to stop leeching off the working class!

Now let me make one thing straight:  I am not against immigration as a whole; I just oppose ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!  There is a huge difference!  I have no bad feelings towards Hispanic People as a whole; the one thing that bothers me is having someone cross our borders illegally.  For the biggest part, some terrorist can come through, and attack our people if we don't have secure borders.  Let that be a point driven to the Whacked Out Left Wing Extremists who are soft on terrorists, and clueless on how to defend our nation!


Brandon D said...

It's Polar Bear again, checking in on how things are going here. Hope it's all well. But we're moving websites, again!! I recently set up our new "Cleveland Foxers" site over at Word Press. It's a really nice site, you should come check it out sometime.

This is the first post I could find that I could comment on. What happened here, did Blogger change their site too? The reason why we were looking for a new place to blog is the other site started acting stupid. Posts were vanishing and new posts didn't show up. And it always said something about a subscription. So the Word Press site seems to be a free site like this one, and it's been working so far.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Hey Brandon,

I'll check out the site soon. By the way, there's been a bear siting in Southern California: check out the story about a bear in the city of Oxnard California (a California black bear cub wandered into town, and ended up causing a stir in Ventura County).