Saturday, December 12, 2009

That Great Time Of The Year Again: Christmas!

As I sit back behind the computer, I think about all the things that have gone on over the year.  Even though I may make some critical wisecracks on this site, I think about all the good things that God Almighty has given us.  We all have the freedom to say what we want, and have opportunities to pursue the greatest things that we can dream of!   Those of us who live in the United States Of America can keep on dreaming big dreams, and find ways to pursue those dreams.  We have the opportunity and freedom to worship as we see fit without being persecuted by the government.

We get these kinds of opportunities at a price:  our soldiers who fight to keep our freedom, and even more than our soldiers' efforts:  the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on that tree in Calvary.  That's right!  God sent his only son Jesus to die for all the wrong things we have done (Sins).

God has given us the ultimate gift of life through His Son, and that terrifies the devil.  As I write this, Satan shivers, and plans to do everything in his own power to harm me and everyone else who reads this and believes what I am writing!  Yet, I'm not afraid of anything that Satan flings into my path.  God is much stronger, and will not allow anything that I can't handle to come my way.

Now I realize that I am not the perfect soul, but who is?  There is not one soul that will ever be perfect, and yes, I can be quite outspoken.  Yet, I have no plans to hold back a thing, for the good of you, the reader!  The truth about this time of year is this:  Had Jesus never come to this earth, we would not have this holiday to celebrate!  These folks who try to be politically correct (and try to force it upon all of us) have missed out and robbed themselves of something that is valuable.  I hope you will all take the time out to wish someone a Merry Christmas, and think about the ultimate gift God has given us:  Life after Death in Heaven.  The consequences of not asking Jesus to forgive you are eternal and regretful:  the everlasting Fire In HELL with Satan and his angels.  And yes, Jesus spoke about these things when he lived as a man on earth.

If you want the gift of Life after Death with God in Heaven, here is a prayer that you can say to God:  "God, have mercy on me, a sinner.  I want to be forgiven for all the wrong things I've done in my life, and change from this day on.  Please forgive me; I believe your Son Jesus died for me!  I know that you now have a place for me in heaven, when my time comes.  Thank you for giving me your gift of eternal life."

Merry Christmas my friend!  When each of our times come, I hope to see you in heaven!