Saturday, March 29, 2008

Scripture to think about

John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."

This is a starter to remember what life is about: God cares for every person living on this earth. We have all committed acts which are called sin; the deeds are things we may wish we have not done to others, or they could be things that we wouldn't want the world to know. We inherited this problem from birth; the very first man and woman committed an act of evil in God's sight, and as a result, we have this bend in our nature to do things we know we should not do. If you read the first 3 chapters of Genesis, you will see the setting which leads to the downfall of humanity, and this problem to this day has not gone away, and will not until God brings Jesus Christ back for a second time. God warned Adam and his wife to not eat from a certain tree in the Garden of Eden (now believed to be part of an area in Iraq or Iran, the Persian Gulf...the hint is this: look for a geographical area where these 4 rivers meet: the Pishon River, the Gihon River, the Tigris River, and the Euphrates River. This is the area where the Garden of Eden once was (Read Genesis 2; the description is in there - Genesis 2 verses 10-14). The garden no longer exists; it was destroyed in a world wide flood (the cause of the polar ice caps). The remnants of the garden are now the sources of oil fields in the Middle East...laws of physics dictate that when things are crushed with great force, it will turn it into oil.

Well, this is a start. If you are stumbled across this blog in a search, and have anything to say, feel free to do so. I can take all kinds of remarks, so to me, it doesn't matter if you agree with me or not. Just one thing I won't tolerate: profanity - I am trying to keep this a blog that everyone can read, whether the person agrees or not. So I will delete profanity such as explicit messages, so don't even try it if you're thinking about it! I try to treat people with respect, and I expect the same thing back. Let's enjoy the God given gift of freedom, and blog away!

Friday, March 28, 2008

My links to sites

I have chosen my links very carefully to maintain the integrity of this blogsite. Let me introduce you to these links:

1) Nova Science Fiction is a family friendly science fiction magazine started by Wesley Kawato. Wes has been trying to fill niche that is void of morality by providing a family friendly science fiction magazine. If you are a fan of science fiction or family friendly reading, this is a must read magazine. I hope you will support Wesley Kawato and subscribe to Nova SciFi.

2) We Love Gail is a site dedicated to the memory of my dear friend Pastor Gail Yoshimine. She lived with lupus for 11 years before passing away in 2007. She, her husband Jon and son Devon affected the lives of many folks in Half Moon Bay California.

3) Jane Chastain Politically Direct is a political commentary site that my old radio colleague Jane Chastain started. Jane tells things as it is, and minces no words to cut to the chase to expose the foolish moves that some politicians do to destroy the United States. I worked with her for 2 years before she left for another radio station. Those who don't like her are usually very liberal, and often resort to name calling because they can't find any sane piece of evidence to refute her point.

4) Cristy Li is another political commentator who tells it like it is. She exposes the crazy ideas of people in the public who do foolish things that are not good for society, and she sometimes uses humor to point things out. I have never met her personally, but I first came across her blog on My Fox LA, then learned of her personal blog site apart from My Fox LA.

5) My Fox LA is a media site that I often blog on under the name mystere. Many of the bloggers are sensible folks who have diverse points of view. Whether I agree with them or not, I value free speech, and support this site. If you sign up as a user, you can also access other MyFox sites with your blogger name and password. I've also been on MyFoxCleveland and MyFoxPhilly quite often. I consider this site worthy of a link from this blog.

If any of you are musicians or worship leaders, I will have some links of businesses that I consider worthy for you to link up to. There is someone I know who is working on a new business for musicians, and as soon as he gets it going, I will have a link to the site.

I will also be posting thoughts on scripture as time allows, so I hope this is something you look forward to.

"Mr. E"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

As the blog grows

I'm posting this as I get ready to launch this blog off. I'm adding new features to this blog, so if you have come across this blog, and are wondering what it's all about, don't worry, this is in the pre launch stage. I blog regularly on the MyFox sites as mystere, so if you've seen my blogs and replies to other folks's blogs on MyFox, you'll be seeing even more ot these types, at least from what you see on the political topics. I will have more faith blogs on this site to help encourage you readers, and as I figure out how to link other bloggers' sites to mine, I will do so. If you are reading this, and you are a MyFox blogger, let me know that you're a blogger and please identify yourself with your user name. I'd like to know who you are.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

getting tired of the moonbats?

Getting tired of the moonbats? Welcome to the blog! It's time to keep a watchful eye out, and not get political rabies from a bunch of extremists. This is one of my goals in this blogsite. I hope it serves you readers well, and I hope it helps you grow as a person. It's important to stay informed and truthful, so I hope this helps you out! I am also a person of faith, so I hope this blog helps you in your convictions as a man or woman who believes in God and Jesus Christ.