Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Dervish Sanders Pulls His Pants Down Again...

Assface Dervish Sanders has been pulling his pants down and stinking up the blogosphere with his vile retorts on blogger.  Assface Dervish knows his idol is a fake President who stole the seat, and is flailing to stay afloat.  Assface has pulled his pants down to rip a number of stinky retorts on Blogger.  You can see a number of them below on some screenshots I have taken.

Notice how Assface uses hate innuendos of all kinds because he can't defend his idol Biden.  Assface spreads his hate by spewing out his queer and vile fantasies inspired by the Ku Klux Klan.

Assface Dervish tries to blame Qanon for a retort that is not in Qanon's name.  Assface's hate goes beyond just what Dinesh D'Souza exposed in the movie.  Assface hates minorities, especially those who refuse to bow to the Ku Klux Klan's plantation.  Notice how Assface Dervish tries to dodge my question below.  Is Dervish trying to hide the fact that he's a member of NAMBLA and that his home on Highway 69 in Paris Tennessee is the meeting place for his local chapter?

Assface Dervish Sanders couldn't run and hide quickly enough from me and Qanon when we went after him for his retorts.  Assface Dervish couldn't answer my question about his relationship with George $oros aka Gorged Soreass, as he's been giving Soreass some personal T-L-C for free.  It's no surprise that he falsely accuses others of being queer, as he shows his fixations on his hate site.

Make a note of this🔺🔺🔺screenshot from Assface Dervish's hate blog.  Assface Dervish is fixated on men's private parts and queer sex toys to probe his private parts with.  Recently, Mystere sent me some screencaps of the hateful retorts Assface Dervish left behind in the comments on Cleveland Foxers.


Assface Dervish shows his queer fixation and blind loyalty to his crooked leaders.  Assface shows how much of a coward he really is with his vile retorts on others' blog sites.

Mind your manners, Assface Dervish!  This is a blog site, not a liberal public bath house for your kind.

Recently this was downloaded from Facebook.  Someone caught this on a Facebook Propaganda Feed.  Apparently, Assface Dervish's buddies approve and condone this kind of behavior?  After all, the Democrat Party is the party of choice for the LGBTQ groups including GLAAD, GLSEN and NAMBLA.  Assface Dervish hasn't gone after these groups on any of his blogs.  His fixation on the liberal propaganda smearing Madison Cawthorn has been his focus.  Apparently, when his party condones and advertises these things, he approves, endorses and engages in their actions.

We at Mystere's Moonbat Slayer Club condemn child molesters and the queertards that engage and encourage these violent criminal acts against them.  It's a Federal crime against children, with capital punishment on the table if the perps are prosecuted under Federal law.

Assface Dervish, if he dares to make a rebuttal, will oink that he knew nothing about this until after he saw this post.  Assface Dervish has the stench all over his rotting carcass, as he's fixated on smearing Madison Cawthorn with innuendos that have already been proven false and libelous.  And those innuendos were cooked up by the RINOs Cawthorn went after.  RINO Kevin McCarthy got caught snorting Cocaine and was about to get exposed.  Now why didn't Assface Dervish dig up the goods on McCarthy and go after him?  Unlike Assface Dervish, we at Mystere's Moonbat Slayer Club will expose RINOs as well as the Democrats ruining America.

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