Sunday, May 22, 2022

Blaming Trump Again, Assface Dervish?

Assface Dervish Sanders continues to blame Donald Trump for his emperor's biggest blunders.  JoeJoe Bidet's big booboos have caused shortages of baby formula and high fuel prices across the United States.

You can read what Assface Dervish wrote on his hate site WHOZ YO MAMA on my screen shots of the blog.

Assface Dervish must be getting hungry with the shortage of baby formula in his local mammy and pappy local market.

Seriously, Assface Dervish?  How come you failed to get comments on your retort by the time I read it and took a screenshot of it?  Apparently, your usual buttboys felt too embarrassed to leave their retorts behind.  Let's take a look at your next flatulent retort...

How come your buttboys didn't come by to jerk off with you, Assface Dervish?  Your cult followers love to stick their tongues up the  behind, Assface Dervish.  Oh wait, they must be puking after you served up this stinky whopper.  Your emperor Bidet farted and pooped the turds.  So stick those turds in your mouth and chew them up.

Hey Assface Dervish, where are your manners?  Farting publicly? You need to learn some manners, Assface!

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