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Oink Oink, Connecticut...

Meet your new neighbors, the Boston Piglets!  They love "open borders" and roam around freely!  They're in a small Connecticut town right now, coming soon to your city.


Residents of small Connecticut town say loose, ‘feral’ pigs are tearing up lawns

Jesse Leavenworth 

Staff writer

Updated: Nov. 2, 2023 10:05 a.m.

STERLING — Call them wild hogs or loose pigs, but people in this small Connecticut town say ravenous, roving swine that may be breeding in the woods have ravaged lawns along two roads.

"These pigs, for all intents and purposes, are feral," Pine Hill Road resident Michael Grenier said Wednesday.

Since the end of September, pigs in groups as large as 22 animals have come to root up the grass on his two-acre lot, Grenier said. His lawn now has to be replaced at an estimated cost of $23,000, he said.

The pigs that have furrowed lawns on Pine Hill and Newport roads wandered from a local farm, First Selectman Lincoln Cooper said. A looming question, however, is whether they are now bearing young outside the farm, Cooper said. Grenier said he saw one piglet on his lawn recently that was "as small as a football."

Grenier said the pig, which were loose from a local farm, have ruined his once pristine lawn.

A joint investigation with the state Department of Agriculture is underway, Cooper and a spokesperson for the state agency said. They would not say whether fines, livestock seizures, or other actions may be coming.

In a rural community, Cooper said, there is an understanding that farm animals get loose and have to be rounded up, with restitution paid to neighbors who suffer property damage. But, he said, the owner of Radical Roots Farm where local officials say the animals are from, has not taken responsibility.

"He has not taken a responsible approach and it has led to some real misery for neighbors," the first selectman said.

The owner could not be reached for comment Wednesday despite multiple attempts. A post on the farm's Facebook page on Sept. 29 said, "If anyone sees the pigs that are out please contact us directly. We cannot successfully retrieve them or get them home if everyone sends their dog out or chases them away."

The farm's website says it raises animals for meat without growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, or harmful pesticides. Regarding pigs, the page says the animals "naturally want to roam and root. Allowing them this option reduces their stress. They can forage for greens, roots, grubs, and nuts. Our pigs can snack on hog feed (local, non-GMO) but prefer other food sources, if available. We also feed them produce, and have added brewers grain to their diet, which they love."

Cooper said the farmer came to town about two and a half years ago. Not long thereafter, cows got loose and damaged residential and farm land. Grenier, 61, said he was unaware of the previous issues when the Sterling hog gangs first invaded his yard. The Plainfield native said he has lived in Virginia and recently returned to Connecticut. His knowledge of pigs, he said, was limited to cuts of pork at the supermarket.

The first time the wayfaring swine damaged his lawn on Sept. 30, Grenier said he spoke to the farmer, who came out and planted grass seed. The pigs returned and Grenier said he called again and the farmer came out again to repair the damaged lawn, he said.

The third time, however, the farm owner did not respond to his calls, Grenier said, and the pigs returned every day for about two and a half weeks, plowing up his grass with their rooting snouts. He and some neighbors lured six of the hogs with apples and trapped them in his barn one rainy day. One slippery pig got away, but they transported the others in a trailer to the regional animal control office run by the Northeastern Connecticut Council of Governments, Grenier said. An official there said she could not comment on an open investigation.

The pigs have not returned for the past week, Grenier said, but he still wants restitution for his ruined lawn. He has become point man for affected neighbors, who post and comment in a Faceboook group called the Sterling CT Pig Patrol. Grenier and neighbors have had some laughs about the situation — a Halloween float making the rounds Tuesday was labeled "Divine Swine" and the riders wore pig masks.

"These pigs picked the wrong lawn to root because I don't give up," he said.

In the meantime, town leaders are working on a revised ordinance that would require owners of livestock to keep adequate fencing and fine violators. The first version failed at a special town meeting in June.

Feral hogs have wreaked millions of dollars in damage across at least 30 states. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's latest distribution map, however, shows none of the undomesticated animals in Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts. The closest population is in New Hampshire, according to the federal agency.

An example of what open border policies will do to you!  See what happens when you keep the borders open?

Alexandria Occasional Cortex's Bigly Cow Fart

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Sunday, July 9, 2023

META Hangs Itself By Its Own Thin Threads...


Mark Zuckerberg has set himself up for his own spiritual demise, both here in the natural realm and the supernatural.  His doom awaits him and his Chinese Dragon wife.  Meta translates as a useless thing with zero value to society.  That is what he rebranded Facebook and Instagram into.  And his latest disaster is the new company "Threads" with the occultic 666 logo as its design.  When one messes with the occult, it ends very badly for the person.

This dummyhead engaged in a fight against Musk's Twitter.  Bad move for Zuckerberg!  He just shot himself by launching an attack against Musk.  Doesn't this liberal dummy know that messing with the wrong guy gets him a big beatdown?

The blood will spill and drain Facebook and Instagram.  Neither Twitter nor META are perfect.  The disaster awaits META.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Oh Really Now?

Recently on The Donkey's Revenge blog, I posted these 2 pics and exposed the looney tunes that the far left are trying to push upon us.  The RFK Jr. propaganda meme is circulating on far left wing extremist sites.  I must admit it's quite delicious seeing these looney bin memes and hilarious.  These lib clowns have their thong panties in a wad.

RFK Jr. has taken a populist stand in his party.  The far left wing extremists who try to rob us of our freedom and rights are throwing a huge satanic temper tantrum over this.  I often don't agree with RFK Jr.'s liberal stances, but agree with him at least partially and sometimes wholely with common sense issues we face.

The far left keep throwing Democrats with some common sense under the bus almost every time when someone comes up with a sensible solution.  They threw Dennis Kucinich out of office when he showed he had some common sense to stand up against 0bama.  I also tip my hat to him for finding himself a smoking hot wife after waiting around to find the right woman to marry.

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Happy Birthday Dervish Sanders!

 Happy birthday Dervish Sanders!
May your endeavors go south and
turn you into the biggest blog clown
ever on Google blogger.

Your big boy has a bigly stash of
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Ice Cream waiting for you in a
Bigly Bowel, being served up
for you.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Friday, March 3, 2023

Continued Drought Narrative...

The question is this:  who's telling the truth about the West Coast drought?  We're getting conflicting reports on the water levels in the different dams throughout the state.  The Lake Powel Dam allegedly seems to be super low on water for Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, California and Mexico.

Lake Powell photos show low levels, while other dams across California and Nevada show higher levels.

The media keeps spreading propaganda about water shortages.  How much of this is true or false?  Remember that Moonbeam flushed precious water out of the San Joaquin Delta near Stockton California to allegedly save some puny fish.

Friday, January 27, 2023

Schiff And Porter To Mudsling In The DNC Pigpen For Senate

Grab your stash of popcorn now, guys & gals.  The circus show is about to begin.  And this show will have plenty of oinking going on when the DNC candidates start the mudslinging for the Senate seat in 2024.  The big boar Adam Schittler will be up against a power hungry greedy fat sow Katie Porter.

This greedy fat sow will do everything she can to gore the boar from stealing the prize.  Her campaign trough will be loaded with plenty of loot to be squandered on personal mudslinging and oinking.

Watermelonhead Pencil Neck Schittler has plenty of baggage from associating with Farting Eric Swallowell who keeps loudly farting in front of the camera at the most inappropriate time.  And the nasty fake charges leveled at President Trump will become squealing points for fat sow Porter to gore Schittler with.

But let's not forget the pig slop left behind at Porter's political ranch:  her mortgage is being paid for by UCI and she has neglected her duties as a lecturer at the University.

Fat sow Katie Porter might get charged by the geeky farting Pencilneck Watermelonhead Adam Schittler, getting politically gored by her past sins of greed.  The noisy oinking is about to start...

Monday, November 21, 2022

Boebert Secures VICTORY


Have you laughed at a liberal today?  POOR LIBERALS!  They're crying over the big loss, as Lauren Boebert won the seat again.