Monday, November 21, 2022

Boebert Secures VICTORY


Have you laughed at a liberal today?  POOR LIBERALS!  They're crying over the big loss, as Lauren Boebert won the seat again.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

California's 45th Congressional District

Meet the California Dem Who Invited the CCP Into His Local Classrooms

    COLLIN ANDERSON FEB 17, 2022 5:00 AM

A Democrat running for Congress in California worked to bring an educational program sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party into his community's K-12 classrooms.

As a member of the Hacienda La Puente school board in 2010, Democrat Jay Chen spearheaded an effort to bring the Confucius Classroom program to his district. The program is funded and run by China's Ministry of Education, an arm of the Chinese Communist Party that provides American K-12 schools with teachers and curriculum materials to teach their students Chinese language and culture. It's also linked to the CCP's Confucius Institute program, which provides similar resources to colleges and universities across the United States. The State Department in 2020 labeled that program a Chinese propaganda entity aimed at "advancing Beijing's global propaganda and malign influence campaign," and CCP officials have acknowledged that Confucius Institutes are "an important part of China's overseas propaganda set-up."

Roughly a decade after voting to bring a Confucius Classroom to Southern California, Chen is running to unseat freshman congresswoman Michelle Steel (R., Calif.). But the Democrat isn't distancing himself from his school board tenure—in fact, he's fundraising off of it. In a recent campaign email, Chen accused Steel of engaging in "anti-Asian racism" and contributing to the "rise in violent, anti-Asian hate crimes" after Steel highlighted Chen's support for "CCP-sponsored schools." Chen also dismissed criticism of Confucius Classrooms, which he described merely as a "Chinese language and culture program" that is not tied to the CCP.

Steel spokesman Lance Trover brushed off Chen's anti-Asian racism charge as "ridiculous," noting that Steel is one of the first Korean-American women to serve in Congress.

"There is broad bipartisan agreement that Confucius Institutes are an indoctrination effort funded by the Chinese Communist Party," Trover said. "Rather than condemn these indoctrination efforts, Jay Chen decided to double down on his support and call congresswoman Steel anti-Asian. This all raises serious questions about his ties to China, as well as his judgment for a ridiculous attack on one of the first Korean-American women elected to Congress. He owes voters an explanation."

Chen, who did not return a request for comment, was not entirely successful in his bid to launch a Confucius Classroom in his district. Following pushback from local parents, the district rejected the CCP's funding and teachers but accepted program textbooks from China, the Los Angeles Daily News reported in 2011. Chen defended that decision at the time, saying he didn't "see anything sinister about using books from China" given that "practically everything we use is made in China."

This is not Chen's first congressional run. In 2012, the Democrat unsuccessfully challenged then-Republican incumbent Ed Royce, losing by roughly 40,000 votes. Steel, meanwhile, was one of four California Republicans to flip blue seats to red in 2020, marking the most successful year for the Golden State Republican Party in recent memory. Steel defeated former Democratic congressman Harley Rouda by 2 points, even as President Joe Biden narrowly carried the district.

Chen, who now serves as president of the Mt. San Antonio College board of trustees, will have to navigate Biden's declining popularity in California if he is to successfully unseat Steel. According to a Berkeley IGS poll, just 47 percent of California voters approve of Biden's job performance, down from 62 percent in April of last year. Biden won the state by nearly 30 points in 2020.

Are you going to back a Communist Chinaman or vote for a naturalized patriot in the 45th Congressional District in California?

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Clueless Katie Porter is a Radical Liberal

Clueless Katie Porter doesn’t understand the pain her liberal policies are causing.

  • Prices have skyrocketed.
  • A new tax hike is coming.
  • And the Democrats are nearly doubling the size of the IRS.
"No wonder our nation’s journalists are so fond of her. Porter, 48, has an estimated net worth of $1.6 million….Never mind that Porter’s congressional salary of $174,000 is nearly four times higher than the median income for single mothers in the United States…Perhaps the economy is so bad under President Joe Biden that even millionaires with multiple Ivy League degrees are struggling to make ends meet. Maybe it’s all part of the act. Porter has a history of bending the truth to pad her “everywoman” credentials. For example, she once falsely claimed to be the “only single, working mother of young kids” in Congress.

Katie Porter Voted for All of Pelosi and AOC’s Radical Agenda

Katie Porter
Billions in Liberal SpendingSupportsCheck mark
Higher Taxes on the Middle ClassSupportsCheck mark
Nearly Doubling the Size of the IRS

Link to: The Truth About Katie Porter

SupportsCheck mark

Monday, October 10, 2022

Misadventures Of Dervish Sanders Part 01

Dervish Sanders and his possé have just gotten into a "bigly" jam. Pookie Toot Toot and Shenehneh are out of a job as Dervish's handlers have tossed him under the bus.

Assface Dervish's bowel movement has gotten out of control as he rips a few wet ones in Scooter's face.  Poor Scooter's been the butt of jokes amongst his canine buddies.

In other things happening in an upside down world, a congressional rep's daughter has gone into the eternal bbq.  Gwen Castin has taken her eternal dirt nap into Fire Lake, thanks to her daddy's atheistic deed in Congress.  It's quite sad, and regrettable.

The wicked witch of the hood has been brewing up a nasty storm lately in Congress.  The hood witch has been instigating violently going after anyone who disagrees with the left wing plantation.  The hood witch demands her slaves brutally beat up anyone who they disagree with and leave them for dead when they get a violent beat down.

The Gestapo Der Fuher Garland got his kicks sniffing Melania's panties at Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago home. Merrick Der Fuher Garland just poked God in His Eyes.  Merrick Der Fuher Garland's sins have already caught up to him.  God told his prophets Garland, 0bama and the clown show will be getting their just punishments in a matter of time.  Der Fuher Garland will be hanging on a meat hook for eternity.  It gives me no pleasure saying this, either.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Stupid Stacey Abrams' Baby Whopper...

Stacey Abrams has sparked outrage after she claimed that fetal heartbeats are a ‘manufactured sound’ which allow men to ‘take control of a woman’s’ body.

The Democrats' gubernatorial nominee for Georgia previously opposed abortion rights, but after admitting she was ‘wrong’, made a U-turn to become a pro-choice advocate.

During an event in Atlanta, she claimed that there is ‘no such thing’ as fetal heartbeat at six weeks of gestation – taking aim at the controversial ‘Heartbeat Law’.

Under the current legislation, abortion is banned after a fetal heartbeat is detected, which often cannot be heard until a woman is at least seven weeks pregnant.

US Senator Lindsey Adams slammed her comments, saying she is trying to ‘change science’ by ‘denying that the baby has a heartbeat’. 

Abrams appeared to be talking about the technical definition of the heartbeat, which is electrical activity caught on a vaginal ultrasound and then used to mimic a heartbeat.

It can only be detected through invasive transvaginal scan before six weeks, and a fetus’ heart is often not fully developed until the 10th week of pregnancy.

It is at that point of a pregnancy that an abdominal ultrasound can be used pick up the sound of a fetus's heartbeat can be picked up.

Addressing the audience at the event she said:  'There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks. It is a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to take control of a woman's body.' columnist Meghan McCain also hit out at Abrams, saying: ‘Hearing my babies heartbeats at 6 weeks is hands down one of the most exciting, liberating and most beautiful moments of my entire life.

‘Hands down. Stacey Abrams is a very sick person to say this and somehow accuse doctors of faking fetal heartbeats. Full stop.’

Senator Adams added: ‘Stacey Abrams perfectly encapsulates the belief and direction of the Democratic Party when it comes to the unborn -- deny science and support abortion on demand up until the moment of birth.

Stacey Abrams says fetal heartbeats are a 'manufactured sound' Mail

Monday, September 12, 2022

Funny Stuff...

Mystere sent me this video he "borrowed" from a blogger who goes by A Snow Rose.  I won't spoil the end.  Just watch it, and you'll get a laugh out of it.


Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sky News Australia Rita Panahi's Tribute To Queen Elizabeth II

Rita Panahi at Sky News Australia has a 2 part tribute on You Tube to the late Queen Elizabeth II.  Rita comments on how some viewed the Queen and shows us the reactions on social media.  Some of it is terrible, and some have nice things to say.

Part one:  "Truly unhinged hate" aimed at Queen Elizabeth II after monarch's death:

Part two:  "Left wing lunatics" already "bashing the Queen's legacy":

Kudos to Mick Jagger and Donald Trump for showing class in their messages in memory of the Queen.

Friday, September 2, 2022

Assface Dervish Cries Over Being Censored

Assface Dervish Sanders threw a hissyfit at his hate site recently.  Someone at Google allegedly tossed out one of his hate posts.  He blames Mystere for it, but has 0 proof.

July 28, 2022 at 8:57 AM

I noticed this morning that this post was missing. I looked at my blogger dashboard and saw the following notice...

"This post was unpublished because it violates Blogger Community Guidelines. To republish, please update the content to adhere to guidelines".

What Blogger guideline did/does this post violate? I don't know. I can guess, but Blogger did not specifically say what community guideline they believe this post violates (or violated). I made some minor changes (removing something I thought might be causing the problem) then copied and pasted the content into a new blog post.

I didn't lose any comments because there weren't any. Was my post flagged by a bot? Or did someone report this post? I'm not sure. Unless Mystere wants to take credit (he might want to gloat).

As for what changes I made, I'm not going to say. Lest it inform someone as to what worked in getting my post flagged. And therefore they will know what to do in the future to get more posts (or possibly even this blog) removed.

The original post is still showing under my dashboard as reverted to draft. If I click "edit", I see a button on the top right that says "request review". I am not going to click it. Why? Because my preference is to not unnecessarily invite scrutiny. I don't think I did anything wrong, but who knows what might happen if I ask for a "review". I didn't lose the post or any comments (as there were none that I ever saw) so I'm fine just republishing. So long as this republished post is also not reverted to draft because it "violates community guidelines".

That a-hole Mystere thinks I "attacked" his Wordpress blogs. All I did was report him because he was faking comments from me on one of his blogs. And the faked comments linked to my Gravatar account. Making me think he somehow hacked it. I'm not sure.

No one here wants to take credit for that, Assface Dervish.  But a webcam caught a photo of you the moment you got that notice.

But wait... Here's more of his tantrum:

I do know I did not like it that comments on his blog that DEFINITELY appeared to have been made by me (with MY account) were not. So I reported it. Automatic (WordPress) decided Mystere violated their TOS and removed a number of his blogs, which made Mystere very angry. According to him, someone hacked him, then used his hacked account to hack my account. Sounds like BS to me.

Mystere: Tennessee libturd... Dervish Sanders... attacked my WordPress blogs, and got my blogs deleted when one of his allies attacked my sites, harvested data when Google and Yahoo got hacked and compromised, and hacked into his accounts using my Automatic account to hack his account (10/29/2021 at 12:26 AM).

Assface Dervish can't take the heat when he gets caught sinning.  Kudos to whoever reported Assface to Google.  It was quite amusing watching Assface Dervish squirming in pain over this.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Shinzo Abe Is In Heaven! And The Cabal Better Worry!


You made a serious mistake last month, taking out Shinzo Abé by using a crazed useful idiot to assassinate him.  You know who you are!  And for those who are just reading this, yes, those of you who are not involved with the assassination of Shinzo Abe, this post isn't directed at you, but it is a turning point for you.

Your big booboo was taking out a man annointed by God to expose the citizens of Japan to the corruption of your dirty deeds being done through shady backroom deals.  Shinzo Abe Is now working from Heaven, sending help to Japan by dispatching God's warrior creatures to go after your master Satan.

You thought taking out a man who became great friends with Donald Trump would make Japan bow down to the crooked Chinese thug running the CCP.  BIG BLUNDER ON YOUR PART!  Taking out a servant of God is like playing the foolish game of Testing God.  You flunked the test!

Go to ~7:25-7:30 into the video, and you will find out that Shinzo Abe believed in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!

Monday, August 1, 2022

Bad Fashion Sense?

A long time friend of mine was out, shopping for her daughter's wedding, looking at what some of these designers were pushing to the public.  Even as a regular guy who pays no attention to fashion, I could see why my friend was shaking her head over these pieces of work.

SERIOUSLY?  Is that supposed to be fashionable and smoking hot?  My friend was ranting "What's wrong with these designers?"  To call it Frumpy is being quite generous and kind.

This weekend, Nancy Pelosi went on a spree to Taiwan.  She's spending the loot she raided from the high taxes she inflicted and looted from us.  It turns out she bought a new outfit for herself and she stole something for Stacy Abrams.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Word On Ivana Trump...

Word is out that Ivana took a fall from her stairs before she passed away on Thursday July 14th.  Liberal media outlets have been unkind to her, posting not so complimentary photos of her with negative spin on the stories.

She was in good health, and is sorely missed by many.  Accidents do happen, sadly.  She is now rooting for America from her mansion in Heaven.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

RIP Ivana Trump July 14 2022

We got the shocking news on the West Coast around noon today July 14 2022 about the passing of Ivana Trump.  Ivana was a classy woman.  Condolences to the Trump family over the passing of Ivana Trump.

As we look at some pictures of her with Ivanka, we can see the strong resemblance between the two beauties.  God has gifted America with two wonderful women.  Ivana is now rooting for the best to come for America from her mansion in Heaven.

Ivana had a soft spot for helping single women vette their dates to see if the guys were gold diggers or real men.  God has rewarded her in eternity.

Saturday, July 9, 2022


Sunday, July 3, 2022

Elections Are Being Stolen, But The Thieves Are Caught! Here's The Evidence...

Elections are being stolen, but

Take a look at the evidence on the site and take a look at the prophecies below.  Did corruption play a part in the stolen election of 2020?  We're sorting things out right now.

Go figure if this is true and it really is stolen from us, it's bad news for all of us.  Take a good look at Joey The Talking Gaffe Chicken Bidet.

There's more with child trafficking going on as well.

Who is Jessica Collins, Joe Biden?

Saturday, June 25, 2022



The Supreme Court struck DOWN Roe v Wade.

Dems are FURIOUS and want to PACK THE COURT.

NOW is the time to ensure Republicans take back the Senate Majority this November so that they Dems can never push their radical pro-abortion agenda again. 

Did you hear that, lefties?  The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade!  Mad Maxine Waters just incited rioting on Friday June 24 2022 in retaliation to the overturning of Roe Vs Wade.

This is a world-changing win for the Pro-Life movement, but now the pro-abortion far Left is LIVID!

Make them even angrier.  Laugh at a liberal today!

Will you stand with Conservatives right now and support life?

The importance of this critical moment in American history cannot be understated. Pro-Life conservatives must act now to secure a long-lasting victory & defend against the pro-abortion Left’s response.  

The future of unborn millions are on the line at this very moment. You’re going to see the far Left do everything in their power to stop this. They will set fire to the country if it means protecting their “choice.”  These liberal clowns below are part of the worst:

Please, stand with Pro-Life conservatives today. Again, this is an EMERGENCY. Make the right decision. Stand with us.

This is war against the left wing extremist baby butchers.  But this is a victory for God's people.

Their future is unwritten, but it's up to us to protect them and come to life.