Friday, May 20, 2022

Assface Dervish Sanders' Latest Mental Meltdown: Baby Formula

Assface Dervish Sanders has been suffering a severe case of mental meltdown.  On his hate site, his meltdown over baby formula has gone off the rocker.  Assface toots that Donald Trump caused the baby formula shortage.  Seriously?

If you read his blog post, you can tell Assface Dervish has been throwing an infantile temper tantrum.  Assface Dervish happens to be a "bigly" daily consumer of it in his diet.

Take a good look at the eyes and the nose.  Notice they look like a ghoul of death.  The images are a flipped Bernie pic with the red taken out of the image.  Assface Dervish uses that Bernie pic right side up with the red color still in it.

Assface Dervish has been fixated on his own stinkhole being probed.  He speaks about it often in his vile retorts.

Assface Dervish's fixation on men's genitals shows up in both his retort and his posted pictures on his hate blog site show how deranged he really is.

Mystere sent me these screenshots of Assface Dervish's retorts left at the Cleveland Foxers blog site.  These were never published; Mystere took a screenshot before tossing them into the blog trash.

Assface Dervish Sanders keeps throwing temper tantrums on his hate site. Poor Assface!  😝😝😝😝

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