Saturday, June 25, 2022



The Supreme Court struck DOWN Roe v Wade.

Dems are FURIOUS and want to PACK THE COURT.

NOW is the time to ensure Republicans take back the Senate Majority this November so that they Dems can never push their radical pro-abortion agenda again. 

Did you hear that, lefties?  The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade!  Mad Maxine Waters just incited rioting on Friday June 24 2022 in retaliation to the overturning of Roe Vs Wade.

This is a world-changing win for the Pro-Life movement, but now the pro-abortion far Left is LIVID!

Make them even angrier.  Laugh at a liberal today!

Will you stand with Conservatives right now and support life?

The importance of this critical moment in American history cannot be understated. Pro-Life conservatives must act now to secure a long-lasting victory & defend against the pro-abortion Left’s response.  

The future of unborn millions are on the line at this very moment. You’re going to see the far Left do everything in their power to stop this. They will set fire to the country if it means protecting their “choice.”  These liberal clowns below are part of the worst:

Please, stand with Pro-Life conservatives today. Again, this is an EMERGENCY. Make the right decision. Stand with us.

This is war against the left wing extremist baby butchers.  But this is a victory for God's people.

Their future is unwritten, but it's up to us to protect them and come to life.

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