Thursday, May 26, 2016

Donald Trump Rally Anaheim California

I took full advantage of an opportunity to attend a Donald Trump rally in Anaheim California to see what kind of presidential candidate Donald Trump is. As we all know, the left wing extremists and liberal media have gone on a number of vicious character assassination attempts against him. The establishment RINOs have also charged at him in an attempt to destroy his reputation. At the rally, Donald Trump was nothing like the negative images the liberals have painted him to be. He displayed his passion for America, and his patriotic stance to be fair to the American public. He encouraged the audience to not go after the trolls who came to stir up trouble, but to wait for the security to escort the trouble makers out of the rally. In the rally, I saw 2 incidents where trolls tried to incite riots inside the rally, but got stopped and taken out by security. The media however reported 3 incidents. The rally remained peaceful inside the Anaheim Convention Center. However, outside the center, liberal hatemongers and uninformed left wing extremists instigated violence against police officers, throwing bottles and objects at them and their horses, hoping to cause the horses to stampede and injure Trump supporters. Liberal hatemongers and trolls from The Orange County Democrats refused to leave the Convention Center for at least 2 hours after the rally drew to a close. Here are some more photos I took at the rally, inside the Convention Center.

During the rally, several Hispanic immigrant women spoke about how some of them lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens being allowed to sneak back into the states several times, then getting away with their crimes while being prosecuted in Mexico and getting extremely light punishments. Trump remembered Kate Steinle and a number of others who died at the hands of illegal repeat offender criminal aliens. Trump spoke out in favor of legal aliens who worked hard to come into the country legally. Trump also spoke out for the black community and the lack of opportunities for them and legal aliens because of good paying jobs leaving the United States. Trump also spoke out against terrorists invading America, and made people think why there are many young single Islamic men entering as political refugees while Islamic women and children were not applying for refugee status in equal numbers. This raises a serious question and red flag as to why are there single Islamic men applying at wholesale numbers for refugee status while their families are not. These men appear to be terrorists looking for ways to enter the USA. Trump pointed out the problems of ISIS invading Germany, the UK, Sweden, Norway and other European nations, inflicting Sharia Law unto the people living in the occupied regions. Trump also brought out his concerns of Communist Chinese and North Korean aggression against other nations in the Asian Penninsula, and how 0bama and his minions have weakened the military. These are points the liberal media have refused to show to the public. At the beginning when Trump arrived, he had gotten informed that there was no time for one of his guests to perform the National Anthem. Trump took the time to have his guest sing the anthem, telling the crowd that he was told that he had no time for it. The crowd cheered as the lady came on to sing the anthem, and joined the lady as she sang.

I'll have more pictures of the rally when I upload them from my other camera. I took most of the pictures with my other camera, as it responds quicker than the phone camera.

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